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Overflight & Landing Permits


Civil & Diplomatic Overflight & Landing Permits

Most countries outside Western Europe require civil landing or overflight permits for Commercial or Business flight operations, and with the increasing number of volatile areas it is more important than ever to ensure your routing is safe and that you have all of the required clearances to ensure you are not refused airspace entry or re-routed.

With our years of experience and making sure we are up to date on the latest changes and regulations, you can relax in the knowledge that we will arrange all necessary clearances to ensure your flight conforms to the relevant local authority requirements.

Flights operating on behalf of government, military and heads of state often require Diplomatic clearances. Over many years we have completed a range of successful operations in this field and have built close bonds with Embassies worldwide, so we can guarantee that such sensitive and often complex clearances will be obtained both correctly and in accordance with the often strict protocol.

In many cases the civil and Diplomatic relationships we have forged over the years, can often afford that extra bit of benevolence, and turn a seemingly unfeasible request into a very achievable reality.