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Computer Flight Planning


Computer Flight Planning

With fuel saving and operating efficiency a high priority for all types of operators, it is more important than ever to ensure you are operating on the optimised routing and levels. Using up-to-the-minute data provided by the UK Met Office, our computerised flight planning system is able to provide the most cost and time effective RAD compliant route for your trip.

With hundreds of different flight plan formats available, we can tailor the system to meet your needs, and produce a plog that is both legal and user-friendly.

We can file ATC flight plans worldwide, and monitor subsequent slots – especially useful within the EuroControl area – to reduce ground delays.

Our Complete Flight Plan Package includes as standard a full computerised flight plan, ATC Filing, graphical route plot, enroute met graphics and significant weather brief, NOTAM brief.

Associated flight planning tools / services include:

  1. NAT and PACOTS planning and inclusion of graphical representation when applicable.
  2. ETOPS planning including ETP’s and Driftdown analysis within the computerised flight plan.
  3. Detailed overflight costs analysis service so you can budget / pre-plan accordingly.
  4. Route analysis based on monthly average winds.